Funk / House / Disco / Hip Hop

Electronic: Project Mooncircle

I would like to introduce to you (for all who don’t know it) Project Mooncircle from Berlin / Germany. Project Mooncircle is a label project by hhv.de. It was founded in 2002 by Gordon Gieseking and is specializing in the conjunction between electronic and organic music. I love this label, because they released awesome tracks in the past and i know they will defently release some great stuff in the future. Also they work with some great artists like Robot.. Read More

Electronic: Eyes Open by Fybe:one

Damn, i love these tracks which have this great slow deep drums in it plus some nice synthmelodies! Sometimes thats all what you need for a great track and it don’t have to be repleted with 100 effects and synths etc. to blow your mind! Check this one by Fybe:One. Also check out Fybe:One’s soundcloudpage for more tracks! Related posts: Electronic: Blossom by Hollow Pigeons Electronic, Mix: Alex Q live @ Es schallt im Wald Open Air Electronic: Kiss FM.. Read More

Electronic, Mix: Footsteps on the dancefloor by Junkfood Inc.

Awesome Mix by Junkfood Inc. Grab your legs and shake your booty, because this mix will blow you away from the first song to the last one! Enjoy it! Check out Junkfood Inc’s soundcloudpage. Related posts: Electronic, Hip Hop: Ange De Lamour & To the moon and beyond by Galimatias Electronic: Say My Name by Destiny’s Child (Cyril Hahn Remix) Electronic: Kiss FM Mix by Dj Kentaro Electronic: Guten Morgen Sonnenschein by Max Liese

Electronic: 93′ til Infinity by Souls of Mischief (Hannes Fischer Remix)

There are not many awesome remixes of Hip Hop tracks, but this one is my alltime favorit right now. I love the chilled samples of Souls of Mischief’s track and can’t believe that someone could make a even better electronic track with these samples. And as almost of all the songs i had posted here, this pearl of music is for free! Check out Hannes Fischer’s soundcloudpage for more great stuff. Related posts: Deep House: A love like this by.. Read More

Electronic: Towards Orange by Parra for Cuva

I don’t have words for this great masterpiece made by Parra for Cuva. I have it on repeat since yesterday! :) I love the piano samples. This track just blow my mind, AND IT IS FOR FREE!!! So plz download it, share it and show some love to the great artist. It’s time for an orange now! For more plz visit Parra for Cuva’s soundcloudpage. Related posts: Deep House: Something Near by Parra for Cuva feat. Anna Naklab Deep House:.. Read More