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Hey Guys! I wish you all a happy new year and us all a new year with some great deep tunes and more artists! Love the music, enjoy the life! Best wishes! Enjoy the new mix.

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Damn, it’s been a long time ago i have posted some Dubstep shit, i know it guys! But better now than never! Here we go with a awesome TYR remix of DVBBS’s „Love and Lies“. I love the bass, drums and the vocals, check it out!

For more please check out TYR’s soundcloudpage or search the blog!

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Project Mooncircle is back with a new release and celebrates ten years of hhv​.​de 45 Vol. 10 – series!

Original staement by PM:The limited 7“ contains four exclusive tracks produced, coproduced or remixed by label-avantgarde Pavel Dovgal, Long Arm, 40 Winks and Robot Koch, who could not embody the development of Project: Mooncircle any deeper, and, moreover, introduces just recently signed Pyur and Darius Vaikas, foreshadowing a possible future of the label.“

Well, i love the third track by 40 Winks and i guess the other songs are awesome too! Check it out!

For more music by Artist like Robot Koch, 40 Winks, Pavel Dovgal etc. just check out the soundcloudpage of Project Mooncircle!

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You can buy the The limited 7“ here:


Back again for you guys with some new shit! Found this beauty by Lexer! Awesome intro and the rest isn’t to be scoffed at too, so check it out!

For more by Lexer, just visit the soundcloudpage.

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