Hey guys, i have to work hard and long the last days (thats why the last posting is about 10 days ago) and i don’t have much time (at the moment) to get my blog up 2 date. If you wanna hear the last songs i have faved on soundcloud etc. then just like follow klangflash on Facebook! I will post all the songs i have enjoyed in the last time there. I will also try to post them here too, but the internet is eating my time too much at the moment ;)

Cheerz and hopefully good tunes will be with you!

Hey guys. Beautiful weather out there. The right situation for some nice chilled Dubstep tunes, aight?! Here we go. Hope you enjoy it.

For more Dubstep tracks by Geode, check out his soundcloudpage.

Uuuh shit! Paper Diamond created a new great single. A mix of Electronica and Dubstep with some great lyrics and a beautiful voice of Angela McCluskey. Definitiveley check this out guys!

For more great Electronic music by Paper Diamon, check out his soundcloudpage.

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Time for a good Dubstep track! This chilled one is released by Deep Heads. Hope you enjoy it.

For more tracks released by Deep Heads, check out their Soundcloudpage.

Damn, it’s been a long time ago i have posted some Dubstep shit, i know it guys! But better now than never! Here we go with a awesome TYR remix of DVBBS’s „Love and Lies“. I love the bass, drums and the vocals, check it out!

For more please check out TYR’s soundcloudpage or search the blog!

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