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Deep House: Time for Love by Alex Lucièn Moacá (Patty Kay Remix)

Deep House Letters

We have some rainy weather in Germany right now and what is the best thing to blow the rain away and let some sunshine in your heart? Right! Some good music, so here we go with a nice remix by Patty Kay. Great track for a chilled sunday noon. Check it out!

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You can purchase the track here:


Electronic: Diggory by Jennifer Left (Banks Remix)

Electronic Letters

Found a great Remix of Jennifer Left’s „Diggory“ by Banks! Check it out, it’s a great track with some nice lyrics and vocal by Jennifer and a smashing beat by Banks!

For more please visit Banks soundcloudpage.

You can purchase the track here:


Deep House: Maya (Original Mix) by Talul

Deep House Letters

Back again for you guys with some new shit from this week! Check out this beautiful Deep House track called „Maya“ by Talul. It starts very low but then the tension consistently rises, just great!

If you wanna more, please visit Talul’s soundcloudpage.

Deep House, Mixtape: November Rain by Marc DePulse

Deep House Letters

Rainy weather out there guys, so i thought the right mixtape for the right mood is a must for this feeling of fall the most people have at this season. Check out this one by Marc DePulse with some great tracks on it!

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Deep House: Philippe (Original Mix) by Moritz Guhling

Deep House Letters

Good night guys! Got a new dreamy Deep House track for you made by Moritz Guhling. I specially love the piano and the peaceful atmosphere (and also the kids in the background). Check it out!

For more great music please visit Moritz Guhling’s soundcloudpage.