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Electronic: Rhye – Open (Bondax Remix)

Man, got this nice tune for your ears guys: Rhye – Open (Bondax Remix). Wonderful lyrics, nice vocals and a trip too the moon guranted with this track! Bondax is an great artist and this remix is just awesome!

For more by Bonday, check out their soundcloudpage.

Nu Disco House, Deep House, Mixtape: v1ko – Funktastic

Hey guys, its friday! let’s get fucked up! i am back with some new fresh smooth Nu Disco, Disco House, Deep House, Dance and Funk tracks! Hope you enjoy my newest playlist on 8tracks.com. Let me know, if you like it! Cheerz

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Hey guys, i have to work hard and long the last days (thats why the last posting is about 10 days ago) and i don’t have much time (at the moment) to get my blog up 2 date. If you wanna hear the last songs i have faved on soundcloud etc. then just like follow klangflash on Facebook! I will post all the songs i have enjoyed in the last time there. I will also try to post them here too, but the internet is eating my time too much at the moment ;)

Cheerz and hopefully good tunes will be with you!

Deep House, Nu Disco, Mixtape: Rotkraft – Purple Nightfall

I have to travel a lot with the train because of my job and since i discovered Rotkraft from Georgia i have been falling in love with their tunes! Since yesterday i can’t stop listening to their podcast / mixtape for vodcast nr. 56. „Purple Nightfall“. Great title by the way. Never heard this combo of chilled, space-mood Nu / Disco sounds combinated with RnB and a lot of more Details my ears just can’t explain to you. You should really press play, lean back and enjoy the great trip!

I am sorry to say that i dont have a tracklist for you, but i wrote them on facebook and hopefully i will get an answer! So stay tuned guys!

If you like this kind of music, check out my blog (as usual) or visit Rotkraft at soundcloud.

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Deep House, Nu Disco: Rotkraft – To Love You [Spacewalker Recordings]

I guess the Discotune Rotkraft – To Love You will gonna be my lovely fav for this month! What an amazing track! Beautiful vocals, nice synthi, chilled vibes. what the fuck your ears need more?

If you liked this tune, check out Rotkraft at soundcloud.com