Today is an extremly hot day, so i have to calm down and chill a little bit. Found the right track for the right mood! Very smooth and not overloaded with too much effects by Deep Space Orchestra. Just check it out and enjoy it!

Also check out Deep Space Orchestra’s soundcloudpage for more!

I have discovered that the most tracks i post on my blog are deep house tracks, thats why i decided to create a new categorie, to differentiate a little bit more in the future! I think it is better for you (and me), when i differentiate the posts in Electronic Music and Deep House Music. It will be very hard to differentiate right, but i hope i will do my job to your satisfaction! Don’t worry, i will also post some Electronic, Dubstep and Hip Hop shit too! Stay tuned!

Another great deep house remix of a rnb track by Marius Hörsturz! I guess the german house artists like rnb ;) Anyway: well done!!!

Check out Marius Hörsturz’s soundcloudpage for more great music!

Oh shit!!!! Back to the 80’s guys!!! Lovely synths and a awesome bass! I don’t have words for this masterpiece! Tryezz (pronounced Trez) is an new artist of soulution. His ep Night Driven will released on August 29th. Just check it out!

Please take a click: Tryezz’s soundcloudpage.