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Damn it, my man Alex Q dropped a new big big tune guys called „Guten Morgen Rosengarten“ (Good morning rose garden) with brilliant bass and nice vocals in the background and a great B-Boy part at the end of the track! Definitively check it out!

For more great music by Alex Q please visit his soundcloudpage.

My man Alex Q created another great Remix! Very cool lyrics, a great vocal and cool details make this track very awesome! Check it out!

Also please visit Marc De Pulse’s  soundcloudpage.

Alex Q from Germany uploaded his live set from the „Es schallt im Wald“ Open Air. Really nice electronic / house tracks. Very deep, just the right tracks to dance in a forest! (Es schallt im Wald is German and stands for „sounds in the forest“). So press play and enjoy a very cool set!

Check out Alex Q’s soundcloudpage.