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Hey all! Happy Easter to you all guys! Parra for Cuva and the beautiful voice of Anna Naklab are back with a new speechless track. Check out this melodic, lovely tune. I’m just in love with these two artist. Hope you enjoy it too!

For more tunes by Parra for Cuva & Anna Naklab, just check the blog or visit Parra for Cuva’s soundcloudpage.

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Ladies and gentlemen! I proudly present to you the first candidate for the „best tune of 2013“! Damn it , i am speechless everytime when Parra and Anna creates a new track and share it with us! My ears are in love! Hope you feel the vibes too! Enjoy.

For more awesome tunes by Parra for Cuva just check out his soundcloudpage oder search my site! Show some love for the artists!

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And again the beautiful Duo Parra for Cuva + Anna Naklab released a lovely Deep House track with a usual awesome beat by Parra for Cuva and a speechless voice by Anna Naklab. I love the lyrics, i love the vocals, i love the beat and i hope you guys enjoy it so much as me! And because i have this beauty as a free download for you, please show some love to the artists and visit their page!

Parra for Cuva Soundcloudpage.

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Got a new deep house masterpiece for you guys! This time „Wicked Game“ by Parra for Cuva feat. beautiful Voice of Anna Naklab! This song is just perfect and the voice of Anna Naklab bring it to a new level in my opinion! Hope you guys enjoy all the details in this track and get a good feeling! This is one of the songs why i love music, because it touchs your soul and blows you away in the first 2 seconds while you hear the sound!

If you like it, please take a click on Parra For Cuva’s soundcloudpage.

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