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Welcome back guys! Hope you had a great weekend? Let’s finish it with some nice Deep House tunes. Starting with a new track by David Keller. The tune is very great as well as the movie. Let’s follow the rabbit to nice piano samples, a wonderful smashing clap and beautiful bass lines! Hope you enjoy it.

For more music by David Keller, search the blog or visit David’s soundcloudpage.

If David Keller releases a new track, you can definitively feel confident that it will be a powerful single with amazing feelings and great details! I love the tweet of the birds in the background! Just beautiful!

For more music by David Keller please check out his soundcloudpage or check out my blog!

My man David Keller dropped a new remix of Bon Iver’s „I can’t make you love me“ few days ago. Beautiful single, and you should check out Keller’s Deep House Remix!

For more music by David Keller please visit his soundcloudpage.

Hey Guys, i am back from the Weekend with some new brilliant stuff for you! First of: this beautiful track by David Keller & Mr. Sadie with some nice piano and Strings in the background. Check it out!

For more great music also check out David Keller’s soundcloudpage.

David not only released his hot podcast Maniac Mansion, but also a great new Deep House Tune called „Monochrom“. It’s a very cool Song, with some lovely Trumpets / Saxophone samples and a great backgroundsynth. Check it out!

For more please take a click: David Keller Soundcloudpage.