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Man, got this nice tune for your ears guys: Rhye – Open (Bondax Remix). Wonderful lyrics, nice vocals and a trip too the moon guranted with this track! Bondax is an great artist and this remix is just awesome!

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Welcome back to another Trip Hop episode by Moods. Beautiful sounds, nice bass, chill athmosphere, just insane! Check it out!

For more tunes by Producer Moods, check out my blog or visit his soundcloudpage.

And welcome back with some great Electronica. My man Synthetic Epiphany created a nicely dreamy Future Garage track. I love all these chilled tunes by him. Hope you enjoy it too.

For more music by Synthetic Epiphany, just check out this blog or visit his soundcloudpage.

Wuha guys. Found this awesome tune by Cashmere Cat last days ago. Didn’t know Cashmere Cat, but definitively will follow him now! Just an awesome intro + nice beat + great mood. Like this track very much. Hope you enjoy it too!

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My biggest favorit artist Bonobo released his new Album The North Borders this month and i can only say: It’s fucking awesome guys! Buy it, you won’t definitively regret it! Bonobo killed it again, trust me! First Fires is his second single of the album. Chilled beats by Bonobo with some nice vocals and lyrics by Grey Reverend. Grab a beer, watch the sunset in a park or something like this. This track is giving you the right mood for the right situation. I am speechless. Hope you enjoy it and get blowed away like me! PS: If i got some time this weekend, i will make a special about the album and post it here on my blog. Stay tuned for more!

For more music by Bonobo check out my blog or visit his soundcloudpage.

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