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My man Hannes Fischer dropped a new smooth single called „A love like this“ with lyrics by „something for the people“ (my love is the shhh). Very chilled version. Check it out!

For more please visit Hannes Fischer’s soundcloudpage.

Free Download

And last but not least for today i got a great Deep House Mixtape called „Lazy Afternoon Session #3“ by Hannes Fischer for you! If you are lazy at this moment, then press play, lay back and enjoy ;)

For more please check out Hannes Fischer’s soundcloudpage.

Free Download

There are not many awesome remixes of Hip Hop tracks, but this one is my alltime favorit right now. I love the chilled samples of Souls of Mischief’s track and can’t believe that someone could make a even better electronic track with these samples. And as almost of all the songs i had posted here, this pearl of music is for free!

Check out Hannes Fischer’s soundcloudpage for more great stuff.