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My man Johannes Tutsi released a new great single called „Deep Desires“ with a nice bass, some great drums and cool details in the background. Check it out!

For more please take a click on Johannes Tutsi’s soundcloudpage.


Got a new very spacy Deep House track for you by my man Johannes Tutsi. I like the space synthis and the spacy atmosphere. For a trip to the moon: just click the play button!

For more please check out Johannes Tutsi’s soundcloudpage.

This time i have a great Deep House track called „New York State of Mind“ for you guys made by my man Johannes Tutsi! I specially love the snare and the synths! So have a good time listening to it!

For more great Deep House shizzle please check out Johannes Tutsi’s soundcloudpage or just search my music blog!

Great track by Johannes Tutsi. Very cool piano, nice bassline and some great drums!

Check out Johannes Tutsi’s soundcloudpage for more great stuff!

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