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Wow, Deep Heads shared a new release by Calyciflorus. Really chilled minimal Track with nice synthis and bass. Just loving it. Hope you enjoy it too!

For more tunes by Caliciflorus, check out his soundcloudpage or visit Deep Head’s soundcloudpage.

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This genius will play in my hometown in 2 weeks (F*CK YEAH!), so i thought: Let’s post some good music by Christian Löffler for the people out there! And here we go with a part of his current Live – Set! Hope you will enjoy it! I myself like it very much!

For more good music by Christian Löffler, just check out his soundcloudpage.


1. Blind

2. A Forest

3. Eleven feat. Mohna

4. Signals

5. Hirsch Effect

6. Field


Wow, what an great atmosphere! This track by Spune is so f*cking ambient, just amazing! Hope you like it!

For more please check out Spune’s soundcloudpage.

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Got a nice masterpiece for you guys done by Boris Brejcha. Sweet little Virus is really dangerous and will holing up into your ears and doesn’t leave it never again, so be careful!

If you like the Virus, please check out Boris Brejcha’s soundcloudpage for more great stuff!

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What a wonderful minimal track! The bells remind me of Bonobo’s – Terrapin! A very smoothed song! I like it very much and i hope you guys will enjoy it too!

Check out Parra for Cuva’s soundcloudpage for more!

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