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Uuuuh yeah guys! Got so many new favs! Preper for good shit next days! Let’s start with this beautiful Patty Kay remix! Very chilled, mellow one! Good Patty Kay style! Check it out.

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Hey guys, how you doing? Wanna start the weekend with a 12 min. masterpiece made by patty kay?! Here we go!

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And again Patty Kay dropped a great remix, this time he picked Thomas Scholz’s „Kolibra“ and added some great beats! Check it out.

For more music by Patty Kay just visit his soundcloudpage or search my blog.

And here we go with round 2! This time with a wonderful track by Patty Kay feat. Thomas Scholz called „Fish bowl“. It’s a little bit like pop (the vocals and lyrics), but with some great synthis and piano sounds in the background! I like it and i hope you will enjoy it too! Feel free to download it!

For more by Patty Kay, just check out his soundcloudpage.

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We have some rainy weather in Germany right now and what is the best thing to blow the rain away and let some sunshine in your heart? Right! Some good music, so here we go with a nice remix by Patty Kay. Great track for a chilled sunday noon. Check it out!

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