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Vijay & Sofia Zlatko did a new remix and again they did a great job! I guess you all have heard enough Deep House remixes of Asaf Avidan’s „Maybe you are“ but you should give this one made by Vijay & Sofia Zlatko a chance.

For more remixes by Vijay & Sofia Zlakto, check out their soundcloudpage.

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Hey guys! I am very sorry about the fact, that i haven’t posted some tunes back in the days but i really have to work hard in the moment. I hope you can forgive me ;)

Anyway, please give this great remix tune by Maya Jane Coles a chance and press play. I love the tracks by The XX and i guess you all have heard enough remixes of tunes by The XX but you should definitively check out this one!

For more tunes by Maya Jane Coles, check out her soundcloudpage.

Hey all! I am back after a little break. Got some new tunes for you in my pocket. Lets start with a great Amazonas Deep House remix by Mano Le Tough. I am just in love with the background bird twitter and all the jungle sounds + beautiful piano part. Just great. Check it out.

For more music by Mano Le Tough, check out his soundcloudpage.

And tomorrow i will have some nice Electronic for you! Stay tuned!

Hey guys. Welcome back everyone! Let’s start the monday with a chilled Hip Hop beat by Moods. He remixed Low Down by Boz Scaggs and did a great job on it! Check it out.

For more great beats by Moods, check out his soundcloudpage.

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Hey listeners! Check out this great chill House remix by Rampue. Really slowly, but lovely. Can you feel it? :)

For more music by Rampue, check out my blog or visit Rampue’s soundcloudpage.

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