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Your Lips, Your Soul (what a awesome title for a great track) by Sorrow feat. Coma and Shura is a beautiful mixture between great Hip Hop Drums, some nice Vocals and smooth Samples! This guys have done everything right! And guess what? You can download it for free! So show some love to the artists and enjoy…

For more please take a click on Coma’s soundcloudpage.

Free Download

My man Sorrow dropped a preview of his track „Art is Dead“, which will be on his new E.P. Really nice smooth song and some nice drums! I will definitively watch out for the E.P.

For more please check out Sorrow’s soundcloudpage.

Got another deep ambient song by Sorrow. I like this ambient shit with the deep bass and so many details. Hope you guys like it too!

Please show some love to the artist and check out Sorrow’s soundcloudpage fore more!

Free Download

You guys can’t sleep? Then put on your headphones, turn up the volume and press play, if you have this track by Sorrow on your mp3-player! I must say, it’s a very deep one, with some nice details and filters and awesome drums! Had to present it to you! Hope you enjoy!

Please check out Sorrow’s soundcloudpage if you like the style of the artist!

Free Download

Nice Remix by Cricket. Very smooth and deep, with great vocals and pianosounds. Check it out, it’s for free :)

Also check out Coma’s soundcloudpage for more good stuff.